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Every wedding invitation in Banter & Charm's collection can be customized to perfectly fit your style. The options shown on each design are just a starting point, make it your own by choosing the colors, fonts, papers, and envelopes. I want you to have all the options you desire (and none of the ones you don't need), so if you have any questions about the available options, please get in touch!

STANDARD OPTIONS - no additional charge

All collection designs include your choice of print method, paper color, envelope color, ink colors, wording, and fonts. You can also modify the layout or placement of the design elements, change the wording, add or remove design elements, and rotate the design.


Make your invitation suite truly unique by adding special touches like die cut shapes, hand calligraphy, envelope printing, edge painting, double thick paper, custom maps, envelope liners, belly bands, or custom postage. These options are available for an additional cost.

Choose from flat (digital) printing, letterpress, foil stamping, or a combination of the three for your wedding stationery.

Flat Printing

Ink is transferred to paper by a digital printing press, the ink lays down flat on the paper leaving a smooth finish. Flat printing produces high quality prints in a wide variety of colors, making it ideal for photo cards, designs with multiple colors, or with large areas of color. All designs are available in flat printing.


Ink is transferred from a raised surface (a printing plate) to paper using the pressure from an antique press, creating impressions in the paper. A custom letterpress plate is created for each ink color, then paper is hand fed through an antique press one at a time.

Blind letterpress—no ink, just impression—produces a subtle elegant look. See an example in the Harmony suite.

Letterpress is priced per ink color. Because a separate printing plate is made for blind letterpress, it counts as a "color" for pricing purposes.

1, 2, or 3 color designs with minimal ink coverage work best for letterpress. Most designs are available in letterpress, or can be re-worked to be suitable for letterpress.

Foil Stamping

A heated die is used to press metallic foil to paper, leaving an impression similar to letterpress. Like letterpress, a custom die is made, and paper is fed through a press one piece at a time. However foil is shiny and opaque (as opposed to letterpress inks that are slightly transparent). This means foil can be printed on dark papers with no show through.

We offer three standard foil colors: gold, silver, and rose gold. However other colors (like white, shiny black, or bright pink) are available for special order.

Foil works best with minimal designs without delicate lines or large areas of color, and can be paired with letterpress or flat printing.

Mixing Printing Methods

You can use different printing methods for each piece in your order. For example: letterpress for your invitation and rsvp card, then flat printing for the envelope liner and other inserts. This is a great way to stretch your budget! You can utilize stunning (but costlier) printing methods for one or two pieces, and choose flat printing for other items.

You can also use multiple printing methods on a single piece. For example, invitation with letterpress graphic and text with foil stamping for names, as seen in the Harmonious suite.

Flat Printing with Foil

You can pair personalized flat printing with non-editable foil (as seen in the Gilded Collection). Choosing a design from the Gilded Collection is a great way to incorporate real foil stamping into your wedding invitations at a more affordable price point than custom foil. Custom foil or letterpress with flat printing is also available. Please contact us for more information.

Flat Print Papers

Flat print wedding invitations are printed on 100% cotton paper in 118# cover weight. This cotton paper features a subtle texture and is specially formulated to work with flat print inks. Choose from Brilliant White or Soft White.

Save the dates and day of items are printed 120# 20% cotton card stock in Brilliant White or Soft White. This paper features a subtle texture similar to the 100% cotton paper.

Brilliant White Cotton

ink colors

Soft White Cotton

ink colors

Brilliant White Eggshell

ink colors

Soft White Eggshell

ink colors

Letterpress & Foil Stamping Papers

Letterpress and foil orders are printed on 100% cotton paper in 110# cover weight. This cotton paper is subtly textured, and is soft and thick allowing for a deep, crisp impression. Or upgrade to super luxe 220# double thick cover. Choose from Fluorescent White or Pearl White.

Fluorescent White 110#

fluorescent white paper

Pearl White 110#

pearl white paper

Fluorescent White 220#

double thick paper

Pearl White 220#

2 ply letterpress paper

Colored papers are also available for letterpress or foil stamping orders. Peachy pink and navy blue are our favorites, but we can special order a multitude of colors like black, kraft, pale blue, or ecru.

Light Peach 110#

blush pink paper

Dark Navy 110#

navy letterpress paper

You can order a design in its featured color combination, or choose colors from Banter & Charm’s color chart. Upgrade to a custom ink or foil color for $40.

We highly recommend ordering samples to see the color options in person. A color chart included with every sample order. Color chart will not include metallic or foil colors; please contact us for samples. All computer monitors are different, so your printed stationery may not match what you see on your monitor.

Letterpress inks (even the metallic inks) appear matte when printed on cotton paper. Letterpress inks are mixed by hand, and because of this, there may be slight color variations between different pieces in your order.

ink colors

Due to variations in the printing process, over time colors can vary from what is shown on our color chart, and may not exactly match your final product. There may also be slight color variances across the different stationery pieces in your order, especially if you are mixing print methods or printing on different materials or on colored envelopes.

You can customize the fonts shown in any wedding stationery designs at no extra cost.

Choose from any font shown below, or used in one of our existing designs. Let us know if you have a specific font in mind- it may be available, or we can suggest a similar font.

Please keep in mind that fonts are an integral part of every design. While we will work to make your desired font look great, not all fonts or font combinations will be a good fit for your design. If you’re unsure about a choice or combination, feel free to ask our advice.

Tips for selecting fonts

· We recommend using a font from the serif or sans serif category for large bodies of text.

· Display fonts work best at large sizes.

· Some letters in script fonts have fancier/more elaborate alternates. If you like a script font, but wish a certain letter was different, ask us if it’s possible. (Some of the formal script fonts also have simpler/less flourished alternate letters.)

· All fonts in the serif and sans serif categories have bold alternates.

font selections formal script fonts script font choices hand drawn fonts decorative display fonts misc fonts

Patterns can be used on envelope liners or added to the back of your flat print stationery. The scale and color of all patterns can be customized. These are just a few of our most popular patterns. You can also choose from any designs shown in our shop, or request a custom pattern.

ink colors

Pattern 1

ink colors

Pattern 2

ink colors

Pattern 3

ink colors

Pattern 4

ink colors

Pattern 5

ink colors

Pattern 6

ink colors

Pattern 7

ink colors

Pattern 8

ink colors

Pattern 9

ink colors

Pattern 10

ink colors

Pattern 11

ink colors

Pattern 12

ink colors

Pattern 13

ink colors

Pattern 14

ink colors

Pattern 15

ink colors

Pattern 16

ink colors

Pattern 17

ink colors

Pattern 18

ink colors

Pattern 19

ink colors

Pattern 20

Stationery Sizing

Our standard size for wedding invitations and save the dates is 7"x5" (also know as "A7" size). The A7 size is also used for large insert cards, programs, dinner menu cards, and table numbers. Insert cards are available in A6 size, A2 size, 4bar size, and Mini size (business card sized). We also offer a 2" square size that can be used as a seal or favor tag, and a 9.25"x3.875" size for programs and menus.

ink colors
ink colors
ink colors
ink colors

Die Cut Shapes

Add a unique finish to your stationery with a die cut shape! A custom die is used to trim the paper into various shapes. There is an additional cost for die cutting. Standard options are shown below, but custom shapes are available. Please note that the Classic and Ornate die cut shapes are only available for A7 size stationery. 220# double thick paper is not available with die cut shapes, and die cut stationery cannot have edge painting.

classic die cut
ornate die cut
notched die cut
45 degree corner

Envelope Sizing

Our standard size for wedding invitation envelopes is 7.25"x5.25" (also know as "A7" size, fits A7 size stationery). Our response cards fit inside the 4bar size envelope (5.125"x3.625"). An inner/outer envelope set will consist of an outer A7.5 envelope with an inner A7 envelope.

ink colors
ink colors
ink colors

Standard Envelopes

Blank envelopes are included with all orders: a single outer mailing envelope (A7 size) and a smaller envelope for the response card (4bar size). By default, flat print orders come with brilliant white or soft white euro flap envelopes. Letterpress or foil stamp orders come with fluorescent white or pearl white 100% cotton pointed flap envelopes.

envelope flaps

Colored Envelopes

You can choose from a variety of colored envelopes with a euro flap. Please note that colored envelopes will be similar to, but not exactly match, the corresponding ink color.

envelope colors

Inner/Outer Envelope Sets

An inner and outer envelope set is a formal option in which two mailing envelopes used: an outer envelope that has the names of the main guest, mailing address and return address, and an inner envelope that has the names of the individual guests. The inner envelope is ungummed, meaning there is no adhesive and it is left unsealed. Inner/outer envelope sets are an additional cost, and are only available as fluorescent white or pearl white pointed flap envelopes.

Envelope Quantity

All orders include extra blank envelopes (10% of the quantity ordered). You can purchased additional envelopes for an additional charge.


Your return address and RSVP mailing address can be printed in flat print, letterpress, or foil on standard and light colored envelopes using dark inks. The return address will be printed on the back flap of the outer envelope. The RSVP mailing address will be printed on the front of your response card envelope.

Print your return and rsvp addresses on dark envelopes using white flat print ink, metallic letterpress inks, or foil stamping. Return address stamps with white or metallic inks are also an option for dark colored envelopes. Envelope printing is an additional cost.

wedding envelope printing
wedding envelope addressing
white ink envelope printing
white ink on navy envelopes

Standard Guest Addressing

Guest addresses can be flat printed on all our envelopes. Standard addressing includes your choice of one script or non-script font for the mailing address in black or colored ink on light colored envelopes.

Premium Guest Addressing

With premium guest addressing, you can print in white ink on dark colored envelopes. Available on Black, Slate, Chocolate, Paper Bag, Eggplant, Wine, Navy, Emerald, Peacock, and Crimson envelopes.

Mixing fonts or custom layouts (like type on an angle) are also available as an upgrade for all envelopes.

Mailing addresses must be supplied in Excel or Google Spreadsheet format. Please contact us for a template to use when formatting your guest addresses.

Envelope liners are available to fit all A7 size envelopes. Choose a custom pattern to coordinate with your invitation suite, or select one of the solid options below. Envelope liners are an additional cost, and are available with or without assembly.

liner colors

Add an unexpected touch to the back of your invitation with a printed backer! Backers are available in colors and patterns to coordinate with the front of your invitation. You can also use the back to show off a photo or include more details about your event. Printed backers are only available for flat print stationery. Printed backers are an additional cost. If you do not upgrade to a printed backer, the back of your invitation will be blank.

liner colors

A belly band is a strip of paper (or ribbon) that is wrapped around the invitation and enclosures to keep everything together. Belly bands are a great way to bring another color into your invitation suite, add interest with a pattern, or a bit of shine with metallic or glitter papers.

Belly bands can also contain a monogram, your wedding date, or a short quote. Belly bands with patterns or custom text are available in flat printing. Or choose from the solid color papers, metallic papers, or glitter papers shown below. Belly bands are an additional cost

liner colors

Add a pop of color to your invitations with edge painting! With edge painting, ink is applied to the edge of the paper. This is a great way to highlight one of your colors, or add another color to your invitation suite. Edge painting is available in all our standard ink colors, along with metallic gold and silver. To ensure visibility, light colors are not recommended. Edge painting is available on 220# double thick letterpress or foil orders, and is an additional cost.

edge painting
pink edge painting
double thick paper with edge painting
hot pink edge painting

A custom maps of your wedding location adds a fun and unique touch to your invitation suite. Maps will be designed to match your wedding suite's style and colors, and are available for any destination. In addition to the cost of the insert a map is printed on, custom design fees apply. Please contact us prior to ordering for a quote.

wedding map designs
custom map
custom wedding maps
map for direction card

A variety of postage stamps to match your wedding invitations and response cards are available to purchase through Banter & Charm’s Zazzle shop. Custom designs featuring your monogram, wedding date, or other elements are available by request. There is not an additional design fee for custom postage, however it must be purchased through Zazzle.

custom wedding postage
postage stamps for weddings
rsvp postage stamps
custom love postage

Interested in something you don't see here? We're happy to accommodate your custom requests! These are just a few examples of other services we can offer or items we can source:

· Bespoke designs

· Calligraphy

· Custom monograms

· Pocketfolders

· Ribbon

· Custom sizes or die cut shapes

· Colored paper